Grants DJ boards

In 2022 i painted these D J screens for ‘DJ legs’ – Grant a Portsmouth based Northern Soul, Motown and Two Tone DJ.

The Brief was to include he’s Scooter Club Patch along with the relevant music based graphics.

Painted on MDF boards and finally coated with two heavy coats of 2 pack resin for a long life.

Grant loved them! and is currently still using the boards Today.

Ken’s Daughter's Painting

Ken commissioned a painting for he’s Daughter the brief was to include some of her favourite things – pets and Minecraft characters all on Brighton Pier. 

This picture is very personal to Kens daughter who lives in Brighton. I enjoyed the process the piece is bright and colourful.

…And includes dogs which is always a good thing.

Sam & Kerry

These guys are friends of ours I painted this picture not long after their wedding. It wasn’t from their first suggested photo but I thought this worked well, they look very happy and in love which they are.


Lola is our dog maybe not a typical commission but we felt she deserved a portrait as she brings us all so much joy!

Painted in an abstract style which we enjoy and feel shows her colourful character

Darren’s Mickey & Mini watching the Death Star

Darren loves Star Wars whilst he’s Wife Loves Disney’s Mickey & Mini.

The Brief was simple with some added glow in the dark paint a resin finish with rainbow glitter

Dan’s ‘Spirited Away’ for his Son

Dan and his family love the Spirited Away movie from Studio ghibli so he commissioned a large painting for his Son’s room.

The piece was straight forward apart from the black Ghost ‘No Face’ that has a slightly see through black body, to achieve the required finish i airbrushed the black which fortunately worked well.

Mickey & Mini in Las Vegas

This piece was commissioned by an instagram follower for his wife sadly it was a couple of years ago and I can’t find him through the instagram messages as they don’t go that far back, to ask permission to use his name a lesson learnt for me.

It was the first painting i did in our new home in the country so will always be memorable for me.

Morgan & Lola in Space

Not a traditional commission as family this time but worth a shout as this picture is about where imagination can take you – Morgan has been simpsonized and is floating in space chasing after a jar of Nutella meanwhile Lola is hoping for any food dropped!

Bizarre, yes but take space and the Simpson out of the equation and its like a normal day here.

Are you interested in having a piece done?

If so....