Here’s a few words about me : I am a full time artist living in West Sussex
Art was always my passion and I was lucky enough to sell some of my early works (sea front scenes scratched on recycled roof slates) through a gift shop in Littlehampton at the tender age of seven.
Over the years i had to share art time with a job in construction in order to pay my bills and bring up the family, despite this i found time to paint commissions, paint country & seaside scenes for pine shops, paint murals for shops & Childrens bedroom walls i even spent the entire summer of 2009 painting portraits in Spain.
I work in mixed media’s mostly acrylics, inks, gold leaf  sometimes using an airbrush. I consider my style to be modern I especially enjoy working with bright colours and have a passion for pop art. 
One of the benefits of working with interior designers over the years for me is an appreciation of the impact that a good piece of artwork can make in an otherwise plain room.
I would rather die with passion than boredom – Vincent Van Gough 
Peace & Love


If you have any questions or queries regarding my art or commissions, please contact me using the contact form below!